Meet the Retreat Team

Christine Morgan
, LMT, has specialized in Lymphatic Drainage treatment and education since the early 90’s. Trained and certified in complex decongestive therapy from the Vodder-Schule of Austria and a BA in Education, she created the first Lymphedema Program at Good Samaritan Medical Center where she treated and educated hundreds of breast cancer patients. Realizing the need for heart connections amongst women and the power of women supporting each other, she facilitates women’s wellness retreats for Grass Lake Sanctuary. She currently works at the Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care in WPB, FL.


Marnie Burkman, MD, is an integrative psychiatrist who profoundly loves the planet and the life on it.  Her life’s work focuses on the continual exploration of how to guide and support each unique person’s healing process.  Marnie is board-certified in psychiatry and holistic medicine.  She has received training in several healing modalities, including medical acupuncture, EMDR, herbs, dietary supplements, nutrition, intuitive skills fostering, and Reiki.  She is inspired by the process of healing and has helped to facilitate that process for people experiencing depression, anxiety, mood swings, PTSD, life transitions, stress, fatigue, and other general health issues using a holistic and caring approach.  She has an integrative psychiatry practice in Ann Arbor, MI that is part of the Aprill Wellness Center. Check out her website for more information:


Patty Hart BA, E-RYT, loves movement and music and how these aspects of life continually invite her to play and grow. Patty is a certified Prana Yoga teacher and teaches at her studio, Every Body Happy YOGA & Healing Center, which is part of Ann Arbor’s Aprill Wellness Center. She has been teaching yoga since 1998. Her desire is to facilitate a safe space for students, allowing the organic deepening of their bodily feeling relationships to emerge. Musically, as DJ Pate’, she plays with sounds and songs, spanning the generations, as a mobile event DJ. You can contact Patty at: 734-645-7251 or at

Darla Getschman
is a Licensed Nia™ Teacher, weaving sensory-based movement practice into classes and presentations. Nia™ provides a rich canvas of movement, music and magic: drawing from the disciplines of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, inviting you to engage the senses, listen to your body and feel the joy of your own unique expression. She has trained in Aquatic fitness for Senior and Special Population classes and “Ai Chi”. Her desire is to assist others on the path to aliveness and natural movement. You can contact Darla at

Joanna Mills is a retired elementary teacher who, after a long illness has found a new passion being a Gyrotonic Exercise Instructor.  Gyrotonic exercises have helped her create harmony and energy balance in her body as well as heal spinal issues and increase circulation and joint mobility.  Joanna is also a nature photographer who loves finding unusual nature scenes.  Gardening and kayaking are passions that bring her into a deeper, loving relationship with earth.  You can contact Joanna at 734-417-3120.


Wendy Warrick A.A.S., B.S.F.A.  loves to create harmony, balance, beauty, and deeper resonance.  She translates this into her work/play in fine art, interior design, and feng shui. Wendy’s formal training includes a degree in fine art from Valparaiso University, a degree in interior design from Parsons School of Design, and Feng Shui certification from internationally recognized teachers.




Jenny Lynn Santoro is an experienced cosmetologist of thirty years and currently licensed in the states of PA and MI. She has studied and worked for Vidal Sassoon of NY and CA as well as owned and operated her own salon. Throughout her years in the Beauty Industry, she has developed an intuitive sense for product research, feeling the balance between mainstream and organic products.

Some of her other interests include learning and practicing dog psychology, deepening her relationship with her pet Coco, and a love of knitting and crocheting. Her knitting passion has led to the creation of” Knitting Circles”, where women gather to create gift wash cloths for Breast Cancer Survivors attending restorative retreat weekends at Grass Lake Sanctuary. As nanny would say…“many hands make labor lighter.” With volunteer help, the Knitting Circles have been a way for women to connect to women from one community to another.

Robin Brophy feels most at home when she is serving others. The past fifteen years have been devoted to clarifying her own relationship to life so that she may be truly available to help. Robin began working in the Catering business at the age of 14 where she discovered her love of food. She is passionate about creating gourmet recipes that are nutritious and supportive to one’s health. Most recently, her focus has been on starting up a gluten free baking company. Robin also has a love of watercolors and is in awe of how feeling can be expressed through color & art. She hopes that by sharing her own experience through workshops and classes that it may inspire others to feel more deeply into who they are.

Annette Thoin, BSE, MA, is a GLS volunteer with a spritely step and compassionate heart.  Annette is a natural  storyteller with a welcoming presence.    Her sharing arises from her intuitive gifts for spontaneous and intuitive storytelling, presenting journaling and life wisdom workshops.  Annette’s life is a mixture of life paths:  as former nun,  teacher,  coordinator of education programs,  rehabilitation counselor, nanny, workshop presenter, spiritual practitioner and other pofessions and jobs where creativity, artistic heart and love of people come together.  Annette is retired but not tired of exploring life and sharing a soft heart, a listening ear and catalyzing exploration of childlike innocence, a sense of magic and wisdom in her exchanges of feeling between people, with nature and a love of God.  Annette can be reached at or 734-369-4400.

Sarah Nuxoll is a mother of two who is devoted to helping each of us accept and embrace ourselves as we are, while having the courage to move toward deeper healing. As a woman with cystic fibrosis, she understands what it means to live day to day with the challenges and unexpected gifts of chronic illness. With experience as a doula and apprentice midwife, she feels especially connected to the birthing and parenting community, and can identify with the nitty-gritty reality and wonder of raising children. Through workshops and support groups she wishes to reach out to others who are facing the challenges that come with being alive here, and help them relax into their lives in a new way. Sarah also loves exploring writing, playing with fabric, and taking long walks outdoors. You can connect with her through her website:


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Lana Jerome grew up in a rural farming community in Rochester, Michigan.  Here her lifelong love of nature was ignited.  This passionate relationship has expressed itself throughout her life in many ways such as becoming an advanced Master Gardener, starting her own gardening business, GoldenEarthGarden, and becoming a Michigan Conservation Steward. Now, as the volunteer land steward at Grass Lake Sanctuary, she loves to co-create with Nature and other volunteers to enhance balance and harmony in this very special place.  She loves sharing her joy and awe of nature and the Earth with others. Her love of plants, flowers and the natural world is expressed through her work in watercolor, pastel and fiber art.  Lana is also a board member of GLS.  With the help of her spiritual teachers, Lana continues to deepen her connection to Nature and the Oneness of All That Is.

Phone: 248-321-1993