Watch this testimonial video of Women’s Wellness Weekend participants:

Watch this testimonial video from the Grass Lake Sanctuary Family Retreat and Women’s Wellness Weekend participants:

From the Participants:

“I was afraid of sad stories. I didn’t want another support group where I would be around the energy of struggle.  Instead… I learned how to grow.  I opened up to others. It helped me as a person.”  – Lynn

“I felt very vulnerable in my life.  I didn’t need or want any negativity.  I’m not a joiner. Instead… I felt validated for my feelings without justifying them.  Now, I can express myself.”  – Linda

“I am a big advocate of support groups.  I felt this was a wonderful support for me and yet different.  This focused on feeling good, not a pity party. It took us deeper.”  – Lori

“Before I came to the weekend, there wasn’t an hour that went by that I didn’t think of death.  At the retreat it was not about cancer.  It’s about me! I’m moving past thinking about death.  It (the weekend and check ins) have helped me integrate so I am not seeing through the lens of cancer.”  – Claudia

“Cancer is not the defining element.  Let younger women know that it is ok to leave home and kids behind for the night.  To take time for themselves.”  – Lori

“It was at the Women’s Wellness Retreats that I began to know the power of women together, and the miracles that happen when love and compassion are present among them.”   – Jerri